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Who Is Papa Llegba?

Okay so before I even jump into this please delete everything you learned from American Horror Story. My mans is not out here smoking crack and eating babies. That really blew me man. I really do not understand why white people have such an obsession with appropriating and destroying our culture. It's pure insanity. I hate it. That being said, I'm glad you're here. If this post has found its way to you, it's time for you to get to know the real Papa Llegba.

Now, in Carribean and West African Vodou there are spirits called Loa. A Loa can be of human and divine nature and they were created by God to provide guidance and protection for humans here on earth. There are thousands of Loa all powerful in their own right. However, some are held in high regard. Papa Llegba being one of them. He is the master of the crossroads, the gate keeper. Llegba is the mediator between heaven and the underworld; between our world and what's beyond the veil. No spiritual communion can happen without first petitioning to Papa and asking him to open the gate so that you may be seen or heard by whomever you wish. Contrary to popular belief he is not some dangerous demon.

Papa Llegba is a trickster spirit for sure, but he is also very much a papa. He is protector of children and women who are petitioning for love and fertility. Although he is a spirit he can come to us in a few different forms. Typically he presents himself to us as a beggar, to test our sense of compassion and awareness of divinity of all life around us. If you see an elderly black man in red and black asking for money on the street, give it to him. Cigars and sweets too if you've got any (these can also be left on your altar for him). He may also come to you as a small boy or young handsome man...even a scruffy dog, some say. Always wearing red and black.

Monday is Papa's day of the week and so it is the best day of the week to petition to him. One ritual you can do is make a Vodou doll for him. Take a stick, a cork, a piece of red cloth, black thread and a key. Draw Papa's veve on the cork, this will be Papa's hat. . A veve is a symbol that acts as a beacon and calls forward the Loa you wish to contact. Take you red cloth and wrap it around your stick and use black thread to tie your key around your doll's waist. Whenever you feel so moved, pray to this doll. Ask it whatever you would like to ask Papa. On Monday night take your doll and offerings to Papa (rum, cigars, sweets...candies or cakes/breads, and a few coins.) behind your door and light one red candle there too. Papa will come if he likes what you leave for him. If he can sense that you are a bit nervous to meet him...well that can go one of two ways. He may find it funny to tease or scare you a bit but trust me, it's all in good fun to Papa. Or he may decide to take it easy on you and communicate with you in dreams instead. If you are a clairsentient individual you may begin to experience a surge in your psychic abilities as he could communicate with you this way as well. As you begin to build a relationship with Papa and the rest of your guides you will begin to build a more customized love language with your spiritual team. Again, if you've found your way to this post then it is possible that Papa may have a message or some work for you. Don't be afraid to call on him!

Before you go, check out the latest addition to my apothecary Asé Water.

This recipe was given to me by Oya, the Orisha of Storms, Death and Rebirth and it was blessed by Papa Llegba himself!

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Happy New Moon. The Portal Opens Soon. See You On The Other Side.

Casper L. <3

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