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Tips for Starting Your Dream Journey

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year, I hope January has been sweet to all of you. Something I'm really passionate about is Dream Analysis. It's probably my favorite branch of human psychology. When it comes to mental and emotional wellness, dreams can be a very helpful therapeutic tool. Our day to day lives can be so cluttered with stress and distraction that we lose touch with ourselves. So, our minds/souls communicate with us this way. Once you resolve old traumas and stressors within your subconscious mind it truly becomes a play ground. You've made room for lucid dreaming. You could build a fantastical world with monsters and mayhem where you are the beloved protagonist, the hero. Maybe you'll even learn to visit other realms! But, did you know that learning how to manipulate your dream world, can help you achieve your goals in this one? It's true. No matter how mundane or fantastical they seem, there is always a very pertinent message hidden in my dreams.

Here, I'll tell about one now: If you have been following my journey, you know that I have been using faith, magic and music to find my soul family, and my dream love here on Earth. Recently, some things have challenged my faith. Two days ago, I dreamt I was entering a Pueblo styled home. I could not see my body. Only two women, they were singing praises about Oya and Oshun. One woman waved a yellow cloth behind me and the other waved a purple one over the door of the home just before I entered. Before I saw the inside I'd woken up. Oya is the Orisha of Storms...transformation. Oshun is the Orisha of Water, Love, Divinity. This dream is most definitely a message from the divine! I've been crashing on a friend's couch for almost two months now, and I've missed having my own home, my own family, and space to myself so much. I've been worried about finances, and about if my efforts to make it home to my soul fam and love are wasted. To me, this dream means that I should keep faith and be patient. The Orisha have not forgotten about me, they are working on bringing the things I've prayed for, soon my family will welcome me home. Even if I wasn't familiar with the Orisha, this dream still carries hope. Lets break it down.

  • Aside from the Pueblo home, I the first thing I see is two maidens singing in celebration and praise. As an angel number , 2 represents your divine path and soul purpose. As a guide this number reminds us that we are on the right path and the worst is over. Very soon we will see the fruits of our labor and everything we have co-created with our divine guides. (Crine in the club all over again at this! Aha.) It's also a reminder not to worry so much. To focus on maintaining inner balance and peace.

  • Dreaming of the color purple, hints at feeling stuck in a situation; feelings of powerlessness. Alternatively, the color can also represent a mystic connection to someone or something in you day life.

  • In dreams the color yellow can symbolize peace, joy, and harmony.

Without this dream I might've sat a little longer in fear and self doubt/pity. I don't need to tell you that this is usually when people make the wrong choices. Because of this dream, my practice and ability to retain and explore it, I can rest easy knowing my homecoming is around the corner. I don't need to worry or make fear based decisions. That's a blessing. But developing the skill takes time. Developing this understanding of self takes time. Nurturing your relationship with the diving takes time. As you get to know yourself more deeply, you and the universe are also getting to know each other.

Try it out for yourself. Start a dream journal. At first, it may be hard to remember your dreams in as much detail as you'd like, or at all. For this, you can practice mindfulness during the your waking hours. It will help your mind be more present in dreams as well. If you find that you are usually aware during your dreams but they end too quickly, try practicing emotional control. If we are experiencing an emotional dream, it can cause our nervous systems to experience symptoms of flight or fight and we wake up. The more consistent you are about journaling, the easier it'll become to remember dreams and to stay present within them. Be as detailed as you can! Especially about any colors, symbols, or numbers you may see. Feel free to leave a comment or question! I want to try and build a community around this I think it could be cool?

Sweet dreams 'til next time,


P.S Study Carl Jung's Dream Theory. Here's a picture of some flowers. :)

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