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The Boy who Died with Earth

A short story written by Casper Levi.

“Look around, this is the last forest my love. Everything is dying.”, said Mother Moon. “Crawl into my mouth and I will keep you safe in my belly until we get to The New World.”

The boy cried in silence for what felt like an eternity until finally a single word managed to pry his mouth “No.” he whimpered, in a sad and sullen tone. “Fine then!”, Mother moon clucked impatiently. “Will you at least say goodbye to your lover? I’m certain you wouldn’t dream of staying behind without seeing him off properly.”

The boy wept into his hands. “No, I cannot bare it.” Mother Moon shed her light just beyond the trees. She hoped if the boy saw his love he might change his mind and come along. She knew the boy deserved more life, more love than he could imagine. More than he’d be able to find in his dying world. She smiled “He is here, anyway.” But the boy already knew. For the wind carried his scent and the rustling in the trees seemed to whisper his name. “Go away!”, the boy cried. “I don’t want to see you! I cannot bare it!” He loved him like he loved his own soul, like a God. The Earth was dying, Jaden was going with the moon and upon his own will the boy was not. He had finally made peace with Earth. How could he leave now? He sat down in the clearing near some pink tulips and wondered how much longer they might live. The moons belly does not have tulips, he thought. Jaden sat next to him and gently held his hand. “I suppose it doesn’t matter what we do. Everything is death.” Jaden spoke softly. “If we fall in love, we shall die, shedding all we once were. If we stay here…if we crawl into the mouth of Great Mother Moon, the void…what will come of us then? Surely, death is certain either way.”

…To Be Continued.

- Thank you for reading. If you liked this story and want a copy of the illustration to keep as your own, click the link below:

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