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This painting was done early fall (2021) inspired partly by a spiritual death I was having and also by the song Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. Like the song, the painting tells the story of a woman who’s world is ending, crumbling before here eyes yet she can’t bring herself to let go. Her back is turned away from the mirror. She doesn’t want to see herself dying. Death and the cosmic rainbow serpent have come to escort her home. She protests. Too in love with the destruction around her. Too lost. Just like me, at the time. September 2021. Oil. 12x14 inches

Reworked into collage December 9 2023.

Spittle bugs shit tree sap to make protective pods. Layered ontop- various beetle exoskeletons.

Tug o war between the spirit of vanity and becoming something new. In a desolate city. But there is a portal. How can you fly again, little spittle bug?

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