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Dream Interpretation

honing in on subconscious messages to live a more impactful life.

  • 1 h
  • 45 US dollars
  • by phone, home office, or clients desired public space

Service Description

There a lot of different theories and myths surrounding our dreams. Why do we have them? Does everything we dream come from our memories? Jung and Freud might say they are a reflection of our deepest subconscious desires. How ever, I am taking a much broader, still individualized approach. I believe our dreams are a para-psychological phenomenon. Perhaps even, there is a spiritual "dream time" (as the indigenous peoples of Australia believe, many cultures talk of this place.) I use the ancient language of symbolism, music, and to explore my subconscious mind/dream-scape. A symbol can be anything from a shabby old woman and her dog, to seaweed growing from the underside of your tongue. During my time in college I studied psychology and earned my bachelor's of science. Since graduation I have been studying independently the intertwining worlds of mythology/folklore, ancient symbolism (and it's history/cultural roots), psych + para-psych and metaphysics. This umbrella of science and spiritualism is old, but still very untapped! I believe lucid dreaming, or even conscious dream recall, can be used as a sort of spiritual dowsing tool to connect your inner child, or higher self/selves/guides. This is where we get those divine messages. Nothing is ever "just a dream"! I understand that this journey can be terrifying, we are conditioned to fear our highest heights and deepest depths. But never fear, Ino’s here to help! Together we can identify key signs and symbols from your dreams (and nightmares) and draw parallels to your waking life to keep you aligned with your divinity and higher purpose (heal) I really hope you all decide to step into the rabbit hole. Dream Land is a wonderful place. Bless.

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Saint Louis, MO, USA

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