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Yellow Man II

Yellow Man II


The second piece in a three part mini series titled “To Be With You Is To Be With God” , created to document my feelings for a lover I no longer call my own.

This piece features a portrait of a man in contemplation on a park bench, while a secret admirer offers a tulip behind an oak tree. It is surrounded in a collage of various flowers all offerings to the man. The boy behind the tree sees the God in the man. He is as super natural as the robin, the insect, the violet at his feet. The secret admirer is so enamored and overwhelmed by his desires, he can only fawn behind the old oak. Too afraid to be seen by such a mighty thing.

The portrait was done May 2022 after he experienced a trauma on the way to my house, he left shaken up and we didn’t see each other for a while. I never got to give it to him, which saddens me. I’ll always love this man. If you can see his face through the cellophane , won’t you tell him for me?

Working with the mirror , was a lot like working with him. Stubborn to break open. Jagged and painful sometimes. I sliced my finger. But beautiful still, in the end.

We had a conversation about why he liked the color yellow so much a day or two after the first and last time it really felt like we’d made some love outta all our lust and desire and everything. It was such a tender intimacy to know such an intricate detail about him. The color yellow resonates differently now. It always will.

This was the first piece I hung in my new apartment.

Dear Z : if you come across this painting. Know that it is both a representation of the grief and the love my heart holds for you. It sounds cliche. But, you broke my heart so it could open for me. I miss you all the time. But goodbye is better for you too, maybe. Peace Z. I love you. I love your feathers. Shake the dust off.🌼🌻💙🌷

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