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To Be With You Is To Be With God

To Be With You Is To Be With God


The first of a three part mini series titled “To Be With You Is To Be With God. “

Mmmm. What happens inside the spirit body when you finally extend trust and unravel before the man you love? So. Many. Things.

Here, we see two beings each inhaling sacred space, unfortunately with no regard for the nature of it or themselves. They have everything they need for sustenance in love: flame, fruit, flesh and desire. Still there is an imbalance, resistance to love is resistance to life. Love is meant to be a wildfire but if fear and grief be the midwife to death, without a rebirth — best you’ll get is a smolder. Hmm. God told me that. While you were inside me. Why won’t you listen? Where do you go, inside me?

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