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I'm still reading this one.  But, it illuminates so much for me.  Religion, or spirituality should be about truth.  Would you search for "God" if you were certain you would find it? 

I think finding god  or any  absolute  truth starts with finding the truth within ourselves.  Many of us have been lied to about who we are. We've been told we are weak, unworthy of love, of shelter. We are taught we are born in and of sin which is so untrue.  We all have our own light, our own colors.  We are born to die in love, not in battle.  This piece contains excerpts from the book about crying, and experiencing emotions without a filter.  Without the lies to keep them checked and tame. It is so important to find release! Sometimes crying means I'm bawling on my knees.  Sometimes crying is this.  

How do you cry?

9x12.acrylic and mixed media on canvas. 
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