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Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?

Oil and Acrylic Paint on 30 by 40 inch canvas. 

This piece was born in my mind back in mid October. I was walking to a now ex lovers house around 7 pm and I always passed this building and never though much of it.  Being clairvoyant offers many peculiar experiences and that is what made this night stranger than the others.  At night, the lights in the windows give a blue glow and it caught my eye.  Blue is my favorite color. So anyway I look up at the windows and see a face sprawled across the glass.  Two wide, child like eyes and a mouth.  A deep but innocent and vaguely familiar voice asked “Can You See Me?” I just kept walking. 
The vision stuck with me so a few days later I drew it all. But couldn’t bring myself to actually paint it for quite some time.  Weeks passed and my own memories began to infiltrate the sketch.  One sleepless night I asked “what are we painting about” and the same voice said “Sorrow.” 
I suppose the voice was right.  I cried a lot while painting this one. My hope is that through this process, I’ll feel a little less haunted and the face in the window will feel a little more seen. 

Can You See Me?
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