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Welcome to DreamLand

It's Time To Wake Up ;)

DreamLand is more than an album. It is and will continue to be my life's work. More importantly it's a map. DreamLand is an ongoing dream study experiment. The first phase was conducted from April 1, 2019- August 8, 2019. My endless curiosity about the nature of human beings and the secrets of our soul matter combined with the burning desire to alleviate symptoms of my oppression and better humanity/the world are the driving forces behind this body of work. So, essentially I'm sharing my heart and soul with you. And I hope it can be a map for you. I hope it inspires you to take the journey inward. Really dissect yourself and heal. And this way, we get back to our true nature. We get to be Love and with that comes a world of opportunity for revolution.

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Who is Ino?

Ino is many things, many spirits in one body. For now, we know him as a neuro-divergent psycho-spiritual singer-songwriter, musician, independent Psychologist and Vodouisant from Saint Louis, Missouri. "DreamLand" was a dream study experiment conducted from April 1, 2019 - August 8, 2019. The journeys and experiences inspired during the experiment will be documented here, through painting and music including Path to Penthos the EP (set to release late July 2022) and the first issue of the comic book series DreamLand: Path to Penthos, both set to release  2022. In the meantime, we can expext Ino’s long anticipated single, “Rainbows”, July 11, 2022. While you wait, check out "Talking to Myself.", an intimate mini-docuseries where 9 speaks with their inner child about healing, letting go, and the deeper meaning behind the single. Looks like we’ve got one episode left, before we hear new music! 

Stay tuned. 🌷🪲

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Talkin' To Myself Episode 1.

I recently had a dream where I got to experience a very warm and playful reunion with my inner child. It inspired my upcoming single "Rainbows". Little Me had the idea to build some of the set for the music video. "Talkin' To Myself" is a miniseries meant to document this process and the more intimate conversations happening in my mind that help(ed) me heal while working on set and writing the song.

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Talkin' To Myself

Episode 2: Where Are We Now?

In this episode of Talkin' to Myself , my inner child and I sort of reverse our roles. This time I'm the one who needs guidance. This song, Rainbows has really ripped my heart open. All the mucks come pouring out and I don't know what to do with it. Little Blue reminds me that fear is okay, but we must be brave if we want to create a new beginning for ourselves. This episode Little Blue kind helps me remember to use my imagination and spiritual gifts + rituals to escape those deeper, more suffocating fears. We turn the muck into light. The fear is transmuted and becomes fuel for a hungry heart. I'll be recording Rainbows soon. I can't wait for you all to hear it. 

Thanks for watching. 

Peace + Love. 

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Talkin' To Myself

episode three

Last night I dreamt I was running through a field with lots of people. Friends, I presume. Some of us had wings, I can't remember if I had wings. I was angry and yelling at everyone. One of them came near me and hugged me. Embraced we wandered away from everyone and into a parking lot. I cried into their feathers, and itchy blue sweater. "I miss my parents."

In the dream at that moment I could remember the backyard of my uncle's house where all the June babies shared birthday parties. Splintered wood and old peeling white paint. Today is June 28, 2022. We are twenty-nine, we remember the light. We missed it. 

- Ino.

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